Saturday, June 13, 2009

me = careless

I lost my wallet once and the person who found it was nice enough to go through the trouble to call me & let me come to his house & pick it up.

Today I thought I lost my wallet again. Panic struck and I went back frustrated to my car and there it was. It fell out of my purse onto the passenger car seat. I am pretty bad at buttoning up my purse. It has a magnetic button that you can use to sorta/kinda close it. Well I almost never do it. I normally just throw it onto my shoulder and away I go, leaving myself an easy target for anybody looking to pickpocket me. I think I've learned my lesson. I mean what if it fell outside as I was walking outside or what if somebody was looking to break into cars and saw a wallet just sitting there in the passenger seat. It was just screaming, please break into me, you'll get this nice wallet with moneys inside it.