Monday, June 29, 2009

BBQ Season

The weekend was great till the rain came in on Sunday and it seems like it is still with us a day later. But, the great weather was around long enough to fit in a few bbqs. It's also great because for once, I think I am actually going to come in under budget in the food category! Instead of eating out all the time with my friends, I am fitting a few BBQs with friends instead. Woo!

For those Canadians on the lookout for a veggie burger, check out Presidents Choice Vegetarian Portobello Swiss burgers. I used to be all about the Lick's burgers but this one is way better. I find the Lick's one is great if you want a burger that tastes like you're eating meat but if you're over trying to eat things that taste like meat all the time, then try this one out. My fridge is going to be stocked with these over the summer.