Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2012 goals

Instead of posting goals for the whole year, I figured I'd try it month by month with little baby goals that are more realistic.  So to start off for January, I'd like to accomplish the following.

  • Spend no more than $10 for the month.  Eeek!  I already bought a rubberized base coat from Quos new nailpolish venture with Quo for $10 earlier today called Strong Bond.
  • Slather Aquaphor on my cracked heels nightly.  This is gross but once sandal season is over, I stop moisturizing and my heels are proof.  I want to get my soft heels back and this will only happen if I regularly take care of them instead of seasonally.
  • Run once a week and lift weights once a week
  • No pop of any kind  
  • Cook at least once a week for work lunches
  • Print my save the dates cards
  • Get $2k deposit for contract I signed last week
  • Spend nothing.  Yup, that's right my boxing day shopping has me wanting nothing new for the time being
  • Sell something.  (currently have some video games up for sale on Kijiji and may try selling shoes that I've never worn)