Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Acne dilema

I've battled acne for what seems like forever.  I finally gave in and made an appointment with the dermatalogist some time last year.  Not sure why I waited so long since visits are covered by OHIP if you are referred by your doctor and my work covers a 100% for prescriptions. 

I've gone from using Benzaclyin to Sulfacet-R to Differin to antibiotics to Tactuo (Canadas version of Epiduo).  I am currently on Tactuo and while my skin is better than it was prior to using it, I still get about 1 new active pimple per week which is something I would consider awesome in a previous life but with a wedding coming up it still bugs the *#@& out of me!  I am debating going back to the derm and asking for antibiotics again.  The thing with antibiotics is once I am off it, everything comes back and I don't like the idea of having to take a pill everyday without knowing what else it's doing to my body.  Lately I've been feeling like it's something I am willing to put up with to boost my confidence and not have to do a 100 things to my skin to make it look presentable.  I just wish it was a phase I would grow out of like everybody said it would be.