Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back from Niagara

Ate at the Fallsview buffet last night.  They raised the prices from $20 to $30 for New Years eve but promised an enhanced menu compared to their normal buffet.  For $30 I was not impressed.  There was nothing special about what they were serving in there and didn't seem that different from their normal menu.  You would think for new years eve, they would at least be on point with their dessert but nope.  We both had one bites of various cakes and pies we picked up from their dessert table but left it behind.

The weather however cooperated and we watched the fireworks over the falls for the countdown.  We couldn't be bothered to spend the whole night there so about 10mins before 12, we walked out the back of Fallsview Casino and watched the view from there.

Next year, I want to stay in or go somewhere out of the country!