Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work out capri tights

Now that it's colder, I sometimes want to wear something longer than my short shorts at the gym.  I like capris but my issue with the ones I have are they get stretched out in the calf area and end up looking a little strange.  Hard to explain but perhaps I'll have to take a pic of the ones I have to show what I mean.  I have a pair of adidas capris that were amazing at first and the dreaded stretched calf area happened.

If I ever find a good deal on them, I want to try under armor capris.  I have a few tops I bought when I was at their outlets in the US and they are fantastic.  Feel great, hold up well in the wash and look stylish.  Maybe on boxing day.


Jenn A. said...

Do you put them in the dryer? When I was at Lululemon buying some new stuff a couple weeks ago, they told me not to, same with all sport tech gear because it will break it down faster.

Rags2Riches said...

You know what I do! I'll have to dry them outside from now on and see if that helps.