Monday, December 5, 2011

Dexter Season 6

Has anybody else been dissapointed by this season?  I am going to rant about Dexter even though I've watched every single episode this season.  The thing is Dexters has had 5 amazing seasons in my book and I feel like I need to stand by as the writers learn their lesson and go back to its roots.  Like when parents let their children do dumb things because they know in the long run it will teach them a lesson.  Well that's kinda how I feel about this season of Dexter.
  1. This might be silly but every time I see Tom Hanks son on screen, all I can think about is Tom Hanks (not in that way....he just pops into my head and takes away from the immersion into the story)
  2. The big twist this season wasn't much of a twist.  I think lots of people including myself saw it coming from the start.
  3. Quinn --> Annoying
  4. Debroah --> Annoying
  5. Sgt. Laguerda --> Annoying
  6. That intern dude --> Annoying
  7. Basically anybody aside from Dexter and Mos Def I don't care for this season.  P.S. they got rid of Mos Def too early in the season
  8. The religious theme of this season isn't my thing
  9. His 'struggles' with maintaining family life.  Yeah they made it way too easy with the baby sitter.  I liked previous seasons where we saw him actually struggle to maintain his family life with the kids.
  10. There's more but I'll end the list with that random episode with his brother.  I get why they put it in there but really a whole episode on that?  And why not have him interweaved through out the whole season?