Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute shopping

I was at the gym last night which happens to be inside the mall & I could barely get a parking spot so I thought I would outsmart everybody by going there early the following morning so I could squeeze some last minute shopping in.  Well it seems like everybody else had the same great idea because I spent about 20mins waiting at the checkout line in Winners. 

I am participating in a secret santa gift exchange and bought my buddy a bunch of baking goodies since she loves to bake.  The neatest item I thought was this square cupcake tray for $15 at Winners.  I actually think it would be great for brownies since I love the edges and this way all the squares would have a crispy edge.


Jenn A. said...

Do you go to an all women's gym? By this post, it sounds like it could be my gym.

Rags2Riches said...

I am a member of goodlife so I have access to all of their gyms including their womens gym. Depending on what's convenient for me, I go to the coed or womens locations.

Jenn A. said...

Ah, ok not the same. Just my gym is in a mall with Winners as well. :)