Sunday, December 6, 2009

Urban Decay at your local Winners!

I haven't posted in almost a month! Life's been throwing me things I didn't necessairly want to blog about to the whole world so I decided to take a break. Well the original break was going to be a week and that suddenly turned into weeks. It's like anything with life, once you fall out of the habit, it's a little hard to get back into it.

Now back to my regularly scheduled post. I was at Winners today and what did I see in the makeup section? Urban Decay eyeshadows for $4.99! These little guys retail for $16 at your local Sephora so it's a steal if you are able to get them at Winners. The only thing is the selection was small. I got Chains which is the colour pictured right. They also had some green colour that was not for me.

I plan on stopping by more often to see if they change their colours because at $5, it's even cheaper than most drugstore eyeshadows. They also had some Two Faced lip stuff, Bare Essential kits and Eco Tools brushes at good prices but none of those interested me.


Lotus said...

That's wicked! Thanks for letting us know- I'm going to drop in my local winners and see if they have any UD products! :)

Rags2Riches said...

Let me know how it goes & what colors you get if you find some loot!