Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 is around the corner

The holidays seems to have come and almost gone. I am back at work for a few days before new years and then it's back to normal next week. These last few weeks of the year are almost the best for work because it's quieter and the drive in is bearable.

I took a little trip to the states & did a little shopping. It beats boxing day here. Some of my purchases included the Urban Decay Ammo Eye Palette which is good because it has all the colors I would use in one palette. The one bummer was the color I bought just a few weeks earlier at Winners is also in this palette.

I also bought the cutest frilly top at the Gap. All in all, I was quite the good girl. I spent most of my time sight seeing and spending time with the family. I think I'd have spent more going boxing day shopping here.

Up next, boots!


So Very Fabulous said...

Which UD shadow did you find at Winners? Maybe I should check a few out, though perhaps they've sold out by now if you got it a few weeks ago.I've been meaning to try out some of their eye shadows! I've just been hesitating because all mine are currently MAC and they're all neatly organized, I'd have to figure out a new system if I brought different ones into the mix haha

Rags2Riches said...

The local one near me had two colors left: Sin & I think the other one was called Toxic. They're only $4 there so if you want to try them out, Winners is a good place to start. They also had a bunch of other UD products such as their eyeliner, ect but I just stuck with the eyeshadow. If you don't find any right now, wait a little while and go later. I hear they regularly stock their shadows.

I know what you mean about not wanting to branch out but I reach for the UD palette all the time since it has a bunch of colors I use in one spot.