Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First snow fall...

It was wishful thinking to hope that the snow free days would last through December. The drive into work this morning wasn't too bad because I imagine lots of people are on holidays with the Christmas season close by. There are a ton of people at work taking days off because they can't carry over them over into 2010 so it's either use it or loose it! That's why I think the roads weren't as crammed as it could have been. The snow also turned into rain half way through my drive, making things easier. However when I got to my parking lot and trekked into the building, my socks & pants were soaked from snow getting into my shoes, reminding me that I still need a good pair of winter boots

Last year I debated investing in a good pair of boots. I ended up going through the winter freezing my little piggies because I never bought that pair. This winter, I am in the same spot thinking about a good pair of winter boots that will keep me warm & dry.

I still really like the North Face Hailey Boot below from last year retailing at a whopping $165!

A new favorite this year is also the North Face Payton boot retailing for $140.
I still can't stomach the retail prices for these even though reality is if I want warm + waterproof, I am going to need to bite the bullet. The plan for the moment is to hold off for a few more weeks and see if I can get them in the US when I am there for the holidays. I am crossing my fingers for my wallet & toes.