Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work Health Benefits

On my lovely work pay stub every month, there's a deduction for health benefits. I've always thought, 'Gah, why am I spending money on something I don't use'. I have one of those not so fancy smancy health benefits where I don't get free massages, ect. All you people with free massages, I am jealous I tell ya! But I do get 100% coverage on prescriptions and boy am I glad I do.

In the 2+ years I've worked there, I've never had to make a claim ever and then bam, in the matter of 2 months, I've been in & out of the doctors office & racked up ~$100 in prescriptions. And I see more in the not too distant future. Suddenly I am appreciative of my benefits.


Lena! said...

OMG it's so true! For a while I thought I was paying into nothing - and then wham-o! I was on the most expensive medicine known to mankind :) Gotta love health benefits!