Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keeping my ass warm....

With sub zero temperatures around the corner I am thinking about getting a heated seat cushion/cover for my car. I get cold fast....really fast! In fact most days I already have the heat going when I am driving!

The thing is there are so many of them! Who knew? And some of the items have gotten really bad reviews on the Canadian Tire website. Even expensive ones that you might assume were good quality because of the price point. So I have no idea what to get and what a reasonable price to spend on them is. My requirements are that it has to warm up fast and that it lasts. If I am going to spend the money, I don't want it to die on me after one season.

Canadian Tire has this one on sale from $90 to $20 but the reviews have turned me off. I wonder where else I can buy them instead of Canadian Tire. I might check out the auto area in Walmart later this week and see what they have.