Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How is everybody coping with the cell phone ban?

The ban began yesterday and it is now officially illegal to use your phone to talk, text or email unless using a hands free device to do so. Police will be lenient the first you months and let you off the hook but starting February you could face fines up to $500!

I have a headset that I try to use. If I know I am going to be calling somebody when I get in the car, I automatically put it on. Where I get into trouble is if somebody calls while I am driving and I don't have the headset in place. I think it's more dangerous trying to get it on while driving because my headset is a pair of headphones similar to those you would use with your ipod. It would probably be more distracted trying to untangle the wires than putting somebody on speaker and using the phone.

I am all for removing distracted drivers off the road but I am not sure cell phones are the entire problem though they certainly contribute. How about those people who eat, put make up on, shave, etc while driving? I know I am guilty of the eating one but sometimes I just can't resist!