Wednesday, July 8, 2009


  • I've been trying to run outside regularly now that summer is here and I really don't know how people can stick to the same route every single time. I like to spice things up and find that I can run longer if it's somewhere I haven't been before. But I've been keeping up with running outside at least once a week so go me!
  • My last post and what's been happening lately at work has made me realize a few things and I am trying to really force myself to come up with some idea of where I want to be career wise.
  • What's up with summerlicious? I think I would pay the same ordering off the menu because 1) I am vegetarian and 2) I probably don't need both an appetizer and dessert. I remember when summerlicious first started, it seemed like a great deal but it seems like the prices have gone up or maybe I just got cheaper....I think it's the first one
  • I am thinking of purchasing a GHD straightener later this year. I love my sedu one but I always want better.
  • Life's busy & not with things I want to be busy with
  • The weather sucks but I heard on the radio that we've been averaging about the same as last year. Really?


Lotus said...

I agree with you winterlicious and summerlicious are not how they used to be! And oohhhh I want a GHD straighener too- as soon as my current RUSK one breaks down I'll be getting one:) I like the way it straightens and curls also! Good job on the running- I can't run if my life depended on it...I don't know how people can do it everyday...I'm more of a brisk walker type of person:)

Rags2Riches said...

haha, I am the same way. I almost wished my current straightener would break down so I'd have an excuse to buy the straightener.