Saturday, July 11, 2009

I bought my everday minerals makeup!

I just updated my budget bars and I am already over in my makeup category because I just bought my everyday minerals makeup online. It came out to $92 with shipping but I think I have about 12 items in there and totally worth it because it doesn't break me out. I also think customs might ding me too because the last time I bought around this much, I remember having to pay a fee. The good news is I have enough foundation to last me another year and probably enough blush for a lifetime.

I've learned to curb my clothing purchases but now it looks like I just transferred it to makeup. Sometimes I put on eye makeup before bed to only take it right off after applying it. It's hard to not want to play with it when you don't have an excuse to wear dramatic makeup on a daily basis. My normal makeup routine is pretty standard and neutral. Plus I don't have time in the morning to go beyond the foundation and mascara/eye liner.