Friday, January 9, 2009

Health Quest 09

When I was a youngin (in highschool) I used to wear a size 10. I also used to eat very, very badly. & when I say that, I mean pop twice a day, chips every single day, no fruit and the golden arches all the time. Since I got that under control, I've gone to wearing anything from a size 4-7. I am happy with that. What I am not happy with is pockets of fat & just overall jigglyness. If you're wondering, jigglyness is a real word! I say so. My parents are at that age where they're starting to see medical problems & seeing them motivates me to be healthy & try my best to push that off for as long as possible. If anythings it's hard on the kids. My parents used to be superheroes in my eyes & seeing them fall down is hard.
Ever since I became vegetarian maybe 4/5 years ago, I've been relatively healthy. I still consume dairy & am not picky enough to deny myself food if it's been cooked on the same grill as meat. If I was, I'd hardly be able to eat out. Perhaps that's actually a good thing since I'd be saving lots of money if I stopped eating out.
Not the point, the point is I want to be healthy. I do my bit, I eat pretty balanced meals & practice yoga 2-3 times a week. The downside is, I also eat lots of junk food & really should also do other forms of exercise besides yoga unless shoveling snow counts.
In the summer I run occasionally but in the winter, I hibernate & eat lots of food to stay warm. My downfall is having that junk food in the house in the first place. In one sitting, little old me can finish a big bag of chips. It's happened before! Ruffles anything is so bad, it's good! I think I'd classify as a binge eater. I also tell myself, oh I'll allow myself this one little treat & will be good tomorrow. Well tomorrow comes & it's the same story again.
& the exercise excuse? The honest truth is I am as lazy as they come. It's a wonder I don't live the life of a slob 24/7. If I could, I would enjoy sitting my ass in front of the t.v. munching on food watching trashy t.v. all day long. I love me some Jerry Springer.
So I figured I'd write this on here because posting this makes me feel somehow accountable for my actions. As we speak, I am downloading a fitness videos I can do @ home. I already have the weights but if yoga has thought me anything, you really don't need any equipment to work out. So my challenge in the health dept for this year is to do some sort of physical activity @least 1hour per week not including yoga! *breathe in, breathe out*. The odd thing is when I was in uni, I easily did this & more. But I guess when I was in university, any excuse not to do work was good. & I could fit in working out during the day or in between class breaks. Having a 9-5iver is clearly cramping my style.


Fabulously Broke said...

Huh. Now I just want a bag of chips after reading that. Or chocolate.

I am too much of a meat lover, but eating healthier is always a good thing.

And the less meat you eat, the more you save... but now talking about meat, i want a steak. Damn.

Fabulously Broke in the City
Just a girl trying to find a balance between being a Shopaholic and a Saver...

Rags2Riches said...

Meat has all kinds of goodness so it's not so bad. I find that variety is the key