Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jobless and a little frustrated

I did this amazing thing last year -->  Took a year off and moved to the US to be with the hubby and now we're back.  I figured I am young, if there's a time to do this, this is it.  I thought when I came back, I would have no problem finding a job.  After all, I have experience, am smart and have a few networks.  Well let me tell you it's not panning out as expected.  I've applied to over a 100 jobs in the span of 2 months with only 2 call backs from companies.  The first one didn't pan out....I knew that during the interview, I didn't answer the questions well.  But I had one last week and I thought I knocked it out of the park.  Seriously looking back, there is nothing I would have done differently and I was expecting that they would call me back yesterday but nothing :(  I seriously never wear my emotions on my sleeve but I cried yesterday because I felt worthless.  I seriously spent hours just lying in bed wallowing and watching hours of beauty youtube videos.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my year off but now I am feeling depressed and getting discouraged.  I know the answer is to not be discouraged and just keep on trucking but man it's hard.  My goal is to at least apply to 2 jobs a day and spend time catering my cover letter and resume to the job but wondering if I just need to fire them out instead with a generic cover letter and resume.  I've also been told I need to network and I've networked with everybody I can.  & plus I am not that kind of social person!!!  So I've exhausted my network and don't know where else to go besides applying online.

/end bitchy jobless rant.