Thursday, April 2, 2009

March Spending Recap

I was determined when this month started to come in under budget but I sucked again. While I went slight over in most categories, it was mostly purchasing makeup online that killed me.
  • Clothes & Beauty: Budgeted: $100, Actual Spend: $220. So I upped this category from last month allowing myself to splurge this month. Well I splurged & then some. I also was silly & didn't factor in US Can conversion or duty when ordering online.
  • Eating out: Budgeted: $110, Actual Spend: $121. Slightly over. Treated BF to a nice dinner @ a semi fancy place that we've both wanted to check out for a while. We also found that you can bring your own bottle of wine & pay a small corking fee. The restaurant was a nice find & we'll definitely go back once in the future.
  • Entertainment: Budgeted: $50, Actual Spend: $18. Woo! I am actually under!
  • Gas: Budgeted: $100, Actual Spend: $116. Slightly over & pumped gas on the last day of March.
  • Groceries: Budgeted: $100, Actual Spend: $115.79. Pretty close to budget and I was adventurous this month & tried out two new recipes!
  • Misc: Budgeted: $20, Actual Spend: $13. Bought some crafting supplies to convert my palletes into a magnetic pallete.
  • Total Budgeted: $480, Actual Spend: $606.
Over by $126. Had I actually met my $100 beauty budget, I'd pretty much be on par.

I don't plan on keeping my budget bars updated for April as I will be away for most of the month & won't have online access most of the time.