Saturday, March 22, 2014

When these first came out, I absolutely loved them and my little collection grew possibly because I was living in the states when they came out & they are much more affordable down there.  It can range from $15-$20 in Canada vs $10-$15 in the states and they often have BOGO type promos so you can easily pick these guys up for less $10 in the US.  Yeah living in Canada sucks for the wallet some times.  These are medium - high coverage which was great for my acne ridden skin and I feel that it looks better and better throughout the day.  It almost becomes skin like the longer you wear it and I want to look natural despite wearing makeup to achieve that look.  I find it's best to apply with your hands first and then finish with a beauty blender or a brush.

As you can see early tan matches my skin the best however I kept buying other shapes of getting a perfect match.  Such is the quest for the perfect foundation.  So I have these big tubs of 320 Warm Golden & 330 True Beige that I've been using for contour in hopes of finishing them in about 10 years.  I don't like to waste money since I do enough of that with my shopping.  I find 340 Caramel is my perfect contour shade & would repurchase.  For overall foundation I think I am falling out of love with these guys because I can't seem to find that perfect match.  I think once the summer is here & I have a tan, early tan will come back into my rotation.

The one con that I see lots of people complain about is the packaging and I would have to agree.  These guys come in heavy glass jars but what I do is move them into little sample jars which make them perfect for travelling and going through those security checks.  I almost prefer these over liquid for travelling because the whipped like consistency ensures they never really fall out of the jar.

From left to right, 320 Warm Gold, 330 True Beige, 320 Natural Tan, 340 Caramel, 400 Early Tan

From left to right, 320 Warm Gold, 330 True Beige, 320 Natural Tan, 340 Caramel, 400 Early Tan